School Playground

School Playground

Learning through play


This project was born from the collaboration between C-re-aid and the University of Granada, where a multi-disciplinary theoretical workshop was carried out to design this project. Following the workshop, a group of architecture and engineering students worked as a team to develop the concept.

The project, with limited funds and time on site, consisted of transforming a residual, grey and abandoned space, in the playground of the primary school in the Maasai village of Maji Moto.

The keys of the project were the participation of the community in its construction and the activation of the space with each built element. One of the main objectives was to do something funny -made with and for children- so, the opening party, served to reinforce the sense of membership and celebrate this work made among all.

Finally, this helped to understand other possible uses of this space while transforming it, filling it with colour and life. Besides, work was made on sustainability, waste management and possibilities for the use of alternative materials, using recycled materials collected by teachers and children. With them, we built a series of toys or easily reproducible prototypes by the community in the future.



Recycling materials

2 weeks

August 2019

Victoria Casanovas, Laia Fernandez