Kilipads workshop

Kilipads workshop

Supporting women entrepreneurship


KiliPads is a social enterprise for women who manufacture and sell reusable sanitary pads. KiliPads provides free menstrual health seminars and Pads products to school girls. The social enterprise aims to provide an accessible, appropriate and affordable way for women to manage their menstruation with dignity.

The product, “Kilipads” is a reusable hygienic pad that women and girls can use during their period and that can be washed and reused many times. Coupled with menstrual health education to break the taboo about menstruation and to dispel misinformation Kilipads wants to empower, educate, reduce environmental impact, increase gender equity, support local entrepreneurs, and encourage healthy menstruation management.

KiliPads Project is building a workshop with two objectives; firstly, to progress to a more sustainable and trusted business the social enterprise needs to receive the TBS (Tanzanian Bureau of Standards) certification. This is high in demand for potential KiliPads customers as it will ensure the work environment and product quality of the business. Secondly, the women of KiliPads currently operate out of a premise that is not sustainable economically.

The women working for Kilipad are having to find alternative sources of income and look for external support to assist with the premise rent. Having their workshop will not only help tremendously with the sustainability of the business but will also give the women a sense of ownership of their own space and consequentially their own business.


Msitu wa tembo

local building techniques

On hold

2019- 2020

TATU project

Samantha Welby, Eva Cabezuelo