Majimoto School Classroom

New School Classroom

Majimoto Maasai Vilage


This project was realised in collaboration with PR5 and Architecture Studio based in Italy.

The project aimed to design an extra classroom for the Secondary School of Maji Moto, a small Masai village in the Arusha region of Tanzania.

The full School renovation program consists of 5 extra classrooms needed to host all the school pupils.

During the first phase of this extension, a new classroom was designed and built during the summer of 2019. The construction lasted a total of 5 weeks.

The project was designed taking into consideration the local environment and climate, therefore the bamboo-covered roof and false ceiling guarantee ventilation and good bioclimatic performance within the classroom interior.

The main supporting structure is made of reinforced concrete and walls are clad in Compressed earth bricks, a well-accepted material that C-re-aid has been using for the past years.

The coloured window panels, veranda and bench were made using recycled leftover wood from the construction site.

The project was entirely carried out with the help of local skilled craftsmen.




Compressed earth

1 month


Majimoto Primary School


PR5 Studio