Toilet block maji moto

Improving sanitation systems

Dispensary toilet


For the realisation of this project, a multi-disciplinary theoretical workshop was carried out at the University of Granada in which architecture and engineering students worked in teams and developed different designs proposals to upgrade the current toilet system in remote locations.

The main goal of this project is to improve the conditions of the current unsafe and antihygienic sanitary system through small but essential interventions that will allow the community to understand and possibly replicate for their benefit.

These improvements will focus on collecting rainwater avoiding bad smells as well as insects inside the cubicles.

The building technique that has been used; Compressed Earth Blocks, is intended to be a new improved building material to tackle the issue of deforestation. The currently used burned brick requires a huge amount of firewood for its production.

In this new prototype the pit is placed outside the toilet and dregs are driven from the latrine to the outside-pit. When the pit is full, it can be emptied manually or with the help of a truck and be used for composting.


Maji Moto


4 Months

August - December 2018

Victoria Casanovas, Laia Fernandez


IEAW UGR volunteers