Library Zanzibar


C-re-aid in collaboration with Nungwi School is in the process of realising a much-needed library facility in their premises, which will serve to over 2,200 primary and secondary students.

This project has a dual purpose:

Tackling Environmental issues

Zanzibar has a huge problem with pollution. Away from the luxury tourist resorts, an average of 96,000 tonnes of rubbish is dumped into the environment every year and beaches are piled high with washed-up plastic.

C-re-aid has developed a sustainable building solution – The ECO BRICK. This affordable and ecological method will be used for the construction of the library. Through workshops and involvement in the design and building process, we hope to inspire the local community to use responsible architecture as a means of making a positive and long-lasting change to their environment. 

Improving access to education

The library will be an invaluable resource for the students of Nungwi School. C-re-aid is particularly targeting female pupils. Due to prevailing gender imbalances, girls are statistically less likely to complete the second level. This has direct correlations to reduced literacy rates, teen pregnancy, larger overall family size and economic insecurity. Chores, childcare and frequent overcrowding make it difficult to complete individual study at home. The library will offer these students a calm and focused space; supporting them to reach their full potential.


School library in Nungwi Village, Zanzibar

Nungwi, Zanzibar

recycled plastic & eco-bricks

2 years

On going

Nungwi seondary school


Mathias Cornille, Chris Camilleri, Eva Cabezuelo Helena Sileghem.