GW 17.01

GW 17.01

New home as worthy representation


Clara (54), faces many challenges in her life. As a single mother, she is responsible for supporting her daughter, two grandchildren and disabled mother. Despite having medical issues herself, the family rely of Clara to provide the income needed to keep the household running. It is her remarkable strength, resilience and unfailingly positive attitude, which allows Clara to keep overcoming these daily hardships.

The living situation of this little family is not sustainable. Their house has started to show its age, no longer sheltering them from strong wind and rain. The structure comprises of just one room, which must multi-purpose for all daily household activities. Therefore, Clara is forced to cook in what is also the sleeping and living area. The smoke from these fires obviously has dangerous health and higiene implications; in addition to damaging the roof structure.

Clara supports her family by rearing chickens and goats. She also has a small vegetable stand,where she is able to sell home grown produce.This family is in desperate need of a new house, with two rooms. This will insure improved sanitaryconditions and general over all comfort for the inhabitants.



Clara lives with her disabled mother (Elizabeth), Daughter (Rose) and two grandchildren (Vanessa and Emanuel) in a one roomed house. Our primary target was to improve the family’s standard of living, by reimagining the use of space within the structure. We designed two rooms, each accessible by a private front door. This would give the families sharing their roof some independence and privacy; with Rose and her children occupying one room, and Clara and her mother occupying the other. These living spaces are separated by a removable closet, which makes future adaptations possible. The revised structure was designed with the addition of a large porch, with a built in bench. This provides the family with a large space for socialising, which is also sheltered during rain. Clara will also be able to use the porch to sell her vegetables, eggs and Chickens.

Shimbwe Chini, Uru

Environment, Panels

8-12 weeks

July - September 2017

Minjeni Womensgroup


Jakob  Raemaekers &

Joseph Bategereza