AR 17.01

AR 17.01

Knowledge For Nungwi

There are more than 2200 pupils in the primary and secondary school and there are not near enough infrastructures to host them. The pupils sit on the floor and the teachers share one small room to work on administration. C-re-aid saw the possibility to integrate the start of the construction in this All Round project.Together with the students from Antwerp we kicked of phase 1 in May: digging  and building the foundation. Next to the library we constructed two benches made out of plastic bottles, filled with soil from the foundation.


As the school is centrally located in the village, this project will become a representation of the values and goals of  C-re-aid NGO and inspire the whole community. We believe this project does not only contribute to the community and the education of the student, but also offers an opportunity to introduce innovative building techniques that can replace unecological, unsustainable or expensive building materials.

C-re-aid is now raising the neccesairy  funds to complete the library as soon as possible. We hope to go back in October to  restart  construction. Read more about the fundraising on our special  designed webpage.


Nungwi, Zanzibar

Alternative building materials,education

End 2018

Start in May 2017

Antwerp Management School

25 000

7 MBA Students from the Antwerp Management School came to Nungwi in May and helped with phase 1: foundation and building two benches.

Learn more about this group trough their personal facebookpage.

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