C+ Animal Crew

C+ 2016 Kilimanjaro Animal CREW

Kilimanjaro Animal Center for Rescue, Education & Wildlife (or short: Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W.) is located on Makoa-Farm at the Southern Slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro. An animal haven that  revolves around animals of all kind - healthy, injured and orphaned ones.

Being mindful of the current situation of animals in Tanzania, in part mostly due to human-wildlife conflict, They determined the dire need to establish an organization who’s aim is to promote a greater understanding of wildlife through many initiatives, including humane education involving local Tanzanians and the rescue of wildlife who have come into conflict with humans.


Kilimanjaro Animal Crew


120 m2

Heleen Rottiers


The project is located at the Makoa farm, on the lower slopes of mount Kilimanjaro.

It is a renovation of an existing roof structure into an elephant shelter. Not only will this building take in baby elephants when needed, it will provide short-term housing for other injured wild animals.

Creaid’s work at the farm the work is divided in three phases:

Where the first phase focused on new foundations and restauration of the roof, the second phase consisted of masonry and a building the steel gating of the cage. We started phase 3 the beginning of 2016. Besides from finishing walls, floors and reinforcing the roof structure in a way that the shelter is wild-animal-proof, we got the assignment to design a safe system with steel sliding doors, so that different rooms can be opened from outside the building. This was a challenging assignment that Creaid was happy to take on!

Building for elephants & other wild animals requires architecture on scale of the animal, with rooms of special sizes, windows reinforced with steel to hold back 500k animals. Not only we have to forsee that the animal doesn’t get out, we also need to see that smaller animals, like the blue velvet monkeys, cannot get in. The shelter consists of relatively small rooms because it’s only for the temporary stay and nursing of the animals. In this project we focused on a firm structural design, with clever solutions of the steel work and opening systems of the sliding doors.