GW 16.06

GW 16.06

Women center at Maasai village


Vernacular architecture in Tanzania is quickly disappearing due to modern influences. Years ago Maasai were forced into sedentary lifestyle after living as nomads for many generations. The building culture is rapidly changing and the search for sustainable construction is imposing itself even more. The traditional house made of wood sticks and mud is often replaced by burned brick. Whereas sun dried mud is sensitive to water and demands a lot of maintenance, the burned bricks are strong and easy to use. This new popular building material unfortunately results in environmental damages, mainly due to illegal deforestation, in the already semi-arid environment, since a lot of fire wood is used to burn the bricks.

Maasai Village

Burned Brick - Eco Design

12 weeks

August 2016

Femme International


Laia Garcia & Abrogast


If the material continues to be produced at this fast ratio, the consequences will be catastrophic for the natural environment. C-re-aid strongly believes in sustainable and ecological building materials but also in a developing building culture where people can construct strong and healthy houses in an affordable way. The techniques will inevitable draw the future landscapes of the Maasai building culture. The organization wants to introduce an environmental compensation program. With the project the organization will show the community the possibilities of the bricks and teach them an environmental-friendly way of using them. The first project with " a tree for a house" is a women Centre located in the center of the village. Currently the women groups have no place to store their documents and meet to arrange their businesses. Through cooperation with local governance a program will be drafted where tree planting and brick production will go hand in hand.

The community feel closely connected to the project, as our organization recognized and respected the popularity of the mud burned bricks and provides a way for the community to keep using them in the future without environmental issues coming along. The ambassador projects, with as first one the women center, will be community buildings that are run by community members in order to reach everyone in the community with our designs