AR 16.01

AR 16.01

Biogas in a Maasai village

In the dry and hot plains of the Maasai land, people are used to cook with firewood. This firewood has several primary and secondary disadvantages. First of all the firewood is producing a very unhealthy smoke wherein women and children are spending a lot of time. Furthermore this firewood is acquired by cutting down trees and bushes in peopleĀ“s close environment. This leads to even fewer trees in this semi-arid environment in Northern Tanzania. "The trees provide shadow and protect us from the burning sun, they are vital in our area (Msafiri Mollel, Maasai)".


With the implementation of the kitchen with rocket stove in 2013, C-re-aid dealt with the problem of the smoke. In 2015 we would like to introduce another method of cooking in the Maasai village, that we can display in the same kitchen.

With a first project in cooperation with SimGas, C-re-aid would like to introduce biogas in the Maasai village. With a prototype project we will be able to inform, educate and promote the use of Bio gas in Maasai villages. "SimGas has developed two improved biogas systems for the East and Southern African markets. These small-scale systems convert manure and organic household waste into methane gas, which can be used for cooking and lighting (".



Maji Moto, Arusha

Ecological Waste Managment

3 weeks

Februari 2016

Kogeka Sint-Jozefinstituut


A team of 14 enthusiastic students and three  equally enthusiastic teachers went for three weeks to Maji Moto.

They are all students of the 6th grade of Sint-Jozefinstituut Kogeka, located in Geel.

Learn more of this group trough their personal website.