C+ Toiletblocks

C+ 2015 Toilet Blocks


Anza is a full service incubator for social enterprises, dedicated to creating jobs and thriving communities in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region by empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with the vision, education, resources and network necessary to successfully start and scale social enterprises.

Anza involved C-re-aid for the design of two toilets blocks for the Mangoto secondary school in Kahe. This project is connected to their Feminine Health Programme in partnership with Femme International. Its aims are two-fold: firstly to provide a means for girls and women to manage their menstruation and secondly to provide them with information and guidance on puberty and menstruation. Considering the severe conditions of the school toilets, the construction of new sanitation facilities is aligned with such program.




Girls - 50 m2  // Boys - 24 m2

Alberto Piccioli & Lineia Caldeira


C-re-aid’s approach for the design is based on a participatory model organized in several meetings that tackle different issues and aspects of the toilet blocks, at various levels: priorities, location, user interface, waste management system, spatial distribution and design. The project committee from the school is composed by four theaters (including the headmaster), and eight pupils divided in two groups of boys and girls from each of the four grades. Although still at the preliminary steps of the design, the team together with the committee opted for a dry toilet system after debating several options, and established the location of the blocks according to environmental, safety and privacy reasons. Construction is due to start in June 2015, with the involvment of volunteers from the UK as well as local craftsmen.