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C+ 2015 Pamoja restaurant


Pamoja Tunweza is an affiliated project of Canada Africa Community Health Alliance, located in Ottawa, Canada. Its Women’s Centre provides support to high risk women in the Kilimanjaro region who suffer from poverty, gender based violence and whom may be affected by the impact of HIV/AIDS. Pamoja Tunaweza approached C-re-aid for support on the masterplanning and design of the restaurant/lounge that are planning to start as new social enterprise for income generation.



Pamoja Tunaweza



Sophie Cloes


The current infrastructure on the site exists out of a main house, one tent, a parking and a back-house. In the future, Pamoja Tunaweza would create a vegetable garden in the South-West corner of the site. The program for the design includes a kitchen + store, a cafe/bar, a toilets block and a few lounge spaces or pavilions to accommodate 60 to 100 clients. The structures will be semi-temporary, so that they can be moved or replaced easily if needed. Through the use of different materials, each pavilion will have a specific character and provide a different experience for the clients. The next step will be to take the preliminary design proposal to a more detailed phase, and eventually to construction, which will provide a great opportunity for the C-re-aid’s design team to work on different construction techniques and material solutions.