C+ Mekit

C+ 2015 Mekit

"We believe furniture design is not about excessive use of materials. It is not about hiding structures or mistakes. We believe furniture design is about the honest story that the materials are telling us. We believe that a good choice of qualitative materials leads to the best designs."

MEKIT used to be a branch of C-re-aid and aimed to be a  social enterprise in furniture. Inspired by the people surrounding us in Moshi, our own architectural background and the limited variation in furniture available in Moshi, an urge grew to make simple architectural inspired furniture designs.

With MEKIT, the organisation worked hard to offer a new flow of furniture, characterized by an interesting mix of simple materials as steel, wood, fabric, concrete, leather, natural rope, rubber and glass used in a innovative way. Because we believe that each and everyone is unique and has his own preferences, we offer two different product lines and design service, illustrated on the following page.



Merged with other branches


Ellen Fever & Marta Ardigo

After 15 months of activity with MEKIT, the board of C-re-aid decided to merge MEKIT with our social architectural branches C-re-aid+, Groundwork Projects and All round projects. We found the need in all  our architectural projects to have interior designs and furniture in order to result in a full and successful project. A bedroom is nothing without a bed and the designs of MEKIT our now used to directly benifit our social projects