GW 15.07

GW 15.07

One house, many challenges


People from different areas in Tanzania and different tribes live in the area of lower Moshi, including the Maasai. This large Maasai family used to live in an old, poor house with only two rooms for 9 people. The house recently collapsed and the family started building a new one nearby on the same plot. They all depend on the income of the father who is providing them daily with food and care to the possible extent of his capacity. They have no toilet or bathroom, one of the factors that Furaha stressed upon with so many women in the house. C-re-aid has chosen this courageous family to built a new house, sanitary block and possibly small infrastructure to help Furaha start a business. The heat, soil and availability of materials are a challenge in Mikocheni. The project entails an extensive material research and use of creative and new building techniques. This house will serve as an example for the community in ways to deal with the challenges of the area.



Stephanie and the family came to an agreement to build the house as big as possible without walls in the interior so the family can easily adapt the sizes or amount of rooms.


Mikocheni Chini

Geology - Hygiene - Craftmanship

8 weeks

July - August 2015

Ft Kilimanjaro


St├ęphanie Van Linden