C+ Community hall

C+ 2015 Community Hall

FT Kilimanjaro (FTK) is a non-governmental organization registered in Tanzania and is a joint initiative of the Dutch FEMI Foundation and TPC Company Ltd. They envision flourishing communities in Lower Moshi void of poverty and despair, where all have access to basic health care, education and opportunities to be productive and earn a livelihood.  They try to do this in a selfsustaining and environmentally sustainable manner.


Ft Kilimanjaro


253 m2

Marie Heyvaert


Amongst other projects, FTK is concentrating on infrastructural upgradings for the area of Mikocheni. They contacted C-re-aid to work on a community center that would serve as an administrative and business space for the village.



The program for the building requires a meeting hall, an outdoor covered space, a small office and a storage room with adjacent shop for agricultural products that are produced and sold by the village members. After the first meeting with the project committee, formed by the sub-village representatives, the team brainstormed on the preliminary concepts, spatial distribution and materials, that were presented to the partner and the committee. C-re-aid will work closely with the community and focus on the use of locally available materials, techniques and labor, while at the same time trying to push the boundaries to test innovative solutions. The area is characterized by the presence of aggressive minerals in the soil, which greatly affect the lower portions of buildings causing significant structural damages. Regarding to this, specific design and building techniques will be used.