C+ Iko Eco

C+ 2015 Iko Eco, Waste Management


Anza is a full service incubator for social enterprises, dedicated to create jobs and thriving communities in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region by empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with the vision, education, resources and network necessary to successfully start and scale social enterprises.

As part of their Waste Management programme, Iko Eco is the buyback centre that buys waste from the youth collectors and individual collectors as well as setting up collection points around Moshi. The waste is then processed before being sold to a centre in Dar es Salaam.




Pavilion Style

Alberto Piccioli


The site will be used to receive unsorted plastic taken in by individual pickers, store it, sort it and process it with a shredder, before selling it to third parties. C-re-aid’s involvement consists in the development of a masterplan for the site, which starts with the fencing of the whole area and the division into separate areas for the operations to flow efficiently. Additionally, some shaded spaces are needed to shelter the employees. An incremental design has been used, so that the minimum can be realized as a first step, while additions can be planned for the future, when the business will be running. Given the longitudinal shape of the site, one side will host all the shaded areas, while the other will be used for storage. A modular approach was adopted to reduce the costs by designing only one expandable unit, and using very light-weight structures with cheap but durable materials, that can be enclosed in different ways. This increases the natural ventilation of the modules, and allows to keep the structural elements to a minimum, therefore reducing the complexity and costs of the design and construction.