GW 15.03

GW 15.03

Women Community Project


This project is located at Msitu wa Tembo, a rural community in Northern Tanzania. It was realized by Cony Chang (Taiwan) and Veronique Vincent Genod (France), the beneficiary of this project is Kazi Na Sala (KnS) women’s group. They were introduced to C-re-aid by TATU Project that works closely with KnS to provide the women with a platform to express themselves and develop their own skills and abilities; facilitate access to new resources and opportunities for personal and professional development. Kazi Na Sala women’s group consists of 87 women and was founded in April 2013 and registered as CBO in the Village of Msitu Wa Tembo in January 2015. After several year’s income-generating   program and entrepreneurship training, the women were ready to start a business.


Msitu Wa Tembo

Business - Woman Empowerment -Craftmenship

12 weeks

September 2015



Cony Chang & Veronique Genod


For this project, Cony and Veronique worked on a storage room and a small shop for KnS that allows them to start their business.  In the future the women should be able to expand their building and the provided infrastructure to their needs. The architects wanted to experiment a new building technique that could serve as a learning process for the organization’s future initiatives, as well as to involve the women in the building process to improve their self-awareness and skills. After weighing different building options they decided to built with plastic bottles filled with sands and local fired bricks as pillars and horizontal framings.


This building includes three parts: A storage room (14m2), a small shop (6m2) and a veranda (11m2). Following the women’s wishes, we created those threes spaces all connected.The building has a “L” shape and faces south towards the main road. To avoid overheating inside the building, the wooden truss leaves a space for ventilation, creating a sloped roof structure with the highest part one meter high facing the south (Tanzania is located below the equator). The roof structure significantly improved the ventilation and allows daylight to come in easily, also creating a welcoming atmosphere for the shop. For safety reasons, trusses are all closed with wire mesh and steel bars. The veranda is shaded, providing a cool place for the group activities and to welcome the future costumers in a nice outdoor space.

There were several challenges throughout the construction but the students were able to finished the project with limited budget and timeframe. After 7 weeks – 25 days of intensive work – now the "bobo building” (in Swahili “bobo” means bottle) was completed. This building consist of 2,600 plastic bottles, where all the soil comes from the ground on site. Around 30 women helped to fill the plastic bottles.