GW 14.07

GW 14.07

What canĀ“t be seen


This old grandmother lives in a small structure wherein her and her granddaughter sleep and cook. Since the old grandmother has several health problems the hygienic situation in their small mud hut is problematic. For this project C-re-aid decided to recruit a student interior architect and a student product design.


The students decided to conduct a series of smaller projects.

First project was the design of a  sanitary cell, with a toilet seat  a shower.

The second project was the design of a small outdoors kitchen, to create the opportunity for the grand-daughter to start a small business in the future. The third project consisted in two wood shelf-standing beds and  shelves made out of wood beams. Before installing this piece of furniture the students dug out the mud floor, leveled the floor and placed a plastic carpet. Plastic maize bags are hung against the inside of the grass roof to make the mud hut lighter and cleaner.


Msitu Wa Tembo

Interior  Architecture - Product Design - Hygiene

8 weeks

July - August 2015



Ella Van Den Bossche & Nele De Mets