GW 14.06

GW 14.06

After the rain comes...


This family was introduced to C-re-aid by TATU project. The man of the family had recently died and the old woman was left behind with her daughter with down-syndrom, and her grand daugther. Security was very important for this family and together with the students we decided to built a new house for these vulnerable women.


For the first time in a C-re-aid project, the students decided to built a roof made of grasses. A challenge to built such a roof in a sustainable way, but a good choice as in this semi-arid area a corregated roof would turn the house into an oven.

The students designed a house with a big sleeping room, a shower room and a porch. The three rooms are lined up in order to facilitate an easier roof structure.  The students were able to realise a unique projects by using local materials and combining them in innovative ways.

Msitu  Wa Tembo

Ecoroofing - Structure - Climate Sensitive

7 weeks

July - August 2014



Seher Çakti & Ellen Cleemput