GW 14.04

GW 14.04

Think Big


Project "Think Big" was a challenge for C-re-aid. Max his father has died more than 10 years ago while he was constructing a new house for the family. Since all those years the big brick house, built up to 9 lines of bricks was standing empty and started to degrade. The students had to finish this house and built a large roof construction with a limited budget.


Roofing - Structure - Craftmenship

6 weeks

August - September 2014

Minjeni Womens Group


Mathias Cornille & Jebbe Houttekier


As most of the design of the house was done the students had to be creative with what was left. They decided to change one room into a porch as the brick wall was falling apart at that side. To replace that room they split the current living room into two rooms by constructing a wooden partition closet. Another room, opposite of the porch becomes the new living room.Furthermore they designed a roof structure that was unusual, but very logical for this situation. Together with the family discussions were hold and decisions were made on the finishing of the house, what was possible and not possible to achieve within the budget.

The openings in the facades for windows were very large. If the students would close these with steel frames, they believed the house would lose personality and the cost would be very high. For the first time in a C-re-aid project, the students decided to use bamboo. This material is cheap and easy to find in Shimbwe. One of the students used a binding technique to connect and fix the bamboo in the windows. With a smaller frame left open they could from here on install steel frames or shutters made from recycled material.