GW 13.06

GW 13.06

Be creative with less. but keep what you can


Minjeni women´s group introduced C-re-aid to a family after identifying this family as "most in need for help concerning their shelter".  This small family consists out of an older widow who lives with the wife of her deceased son and her two grandchildren. They own a plot of land (300m2)  in Shimbwe, which is located on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro: a montain forest with a rich vegetation and long rainy seasons. The four residents were living in a mud hut. 



Education - Hygiene - Craftmenship

8 weeks

January - February 2013

Minjeni Woman's Group


Celine Snauwaert


This design started with several discussions with the family about their current and future needs. To make full use of the space in the course of time, the architect decided to build a one-room house which could be easily subdivided into three rooms. The facades of the house correspond to the possibility of a subdivision so that in every room there would be enough light and ventilation.

A covered outside space would be created in front of the house by extending the roof and supporting it with steel columns.

In the first months after the construction c-re-aid would occasionally visit the family and encourage them to continue working on their house. Since there were some left over materials like cement, wood and bricks we offered the family chicken if they would built a chicken coop. About six months later the family managed to built a coop and received three chicken from c-re-aid and a small budget to start their chicken project. Also curtains had been hung in the house and stones were placed around the house as a path to the sanitary.