GW 13.04

GW 13.04

Design and renovation of a Maasai kitchen


In the summer of 2013, another project took place in Maji Moto; this time, the construction of a kitchen.   The kitchen next to the house  was made from wooden branches and mud. This was a rectangle structure instead of the round structures usually seen within the village.

Msafiri told C-re-aid he had decided to build a rectangle structure since that would allow him to place corrugated roof sheets in the future. “At least it will stay dry inside the kitchen when the rains come.”

Maji Moto

Health - Hygiene - Creative with Material

4 weeks

August - September 2013

Msafiri Mollel


Marlies Struyf & Eva Capova


C-re-aid decided to design a new kitchen for this family utilizing a design that responded to the modern ideas (as the corrugated roof sheet), but that would solve other issues like smoke. The intention of C-re-aid was to build a prototype that could inspire the family and community.  When working on the project, the students identified several issues that were detrimental in the existing kitchen, and which required attention in the design of the new kitchen. The family had specific requests for the size of the kitchen and the amount of storage space. The new kitchen was built opposite of the house. This made it possible to keep the existing shelter, which may be useful as a chicken coop in the future. The positioning is also important concerning the view. As the facades are kept open, it is now possible to look over their piece of land while standing in the kitchen. This helps the mama keep an eye on her children and the other way around, since the smallest daughter would always cry when her mother disappeared out of sight. This used to mean that the smallest child would join her mother in the kitchen while cooking. We also provided a small porch in front of the kitchen (opposite the porch in front of the house) where there is shade from early morning to early afternoon. The facades were made so that they cannot be completely open, because chickens, cats or dogs would find their way into the kitchen. The family had expressed their concerns about this situation as they found it unhygienic. To close the facades the students decided to use a low cost, easy-to-find material: common rope. The students wove the rope between a wooden structure in different patterns and colors. By using the principals of a “rocket stove” with two sections and a chimney, the students made sure less firewood would be used and that smoke would be directed straight outside.