C-re-aid is currently collaborating with a school in Nungwi, Zanzibar. We are in the process of realising a much needed library facility, which will serve over 2,200 primary and secondary aged students – predominantly girls.

This project has a dual purpose:


Zanzibar has a problem with pollution. Away from the luxury tourist resorts, an average of 96,000 tonnes of rubbish are dumped into the environment every year. Beaches are piled high with washed up plastic. Something must be done. C-re-aid has developed a sustainable building solution – The ECOBRICK. This affordable and ecological method will be used for the construction of the library. Through workshops and involvement in the design and building process, we hope to inspire the local community to use responsible architecture as a means of making a positive and long lasting change to their environment. 


The library will be an invaluable resource for the students of Nungwi School. C-re-aid is particularly targeting female pupils. Due to prevailing gender imbalances, girls are statistically less likely to complete secondary level. This has direct correlations to reduced literacy rates, teen pregnancy, larger overall family size and economic insecurity. Chores, childcare and frequent overcrowding make it difficult to complete individual study at home. The library will offer these students a calm and focused space; supporting them to reach their full potential.







Access  for the pupils and community members to

  • fiction and non- fiction books
  • the internet
  • information on specific topics provided by NGO’s in Zanzibar
  • A calming and motivational space to complete homework

Waste Problem


An equivalent of the weight of a Boeing 747 gets dumped uncontrolled into Zanzibar’s environment every day. People live their lives surrounded by waste; children playing in it, animals eating of it and people growing their food in it.

Waste integrated in the design

  1. Plastic bottles  filled with soil are used as bricks to build a bench facing the library. As a part of the landschaping this bench and its strategical location helps to define public space. We create a shaded space underneath the trees accessible for school kids, community members and tourists.

  1. Glass wine bottles will be recycled in order to add natural light to the main building, without the need for additonal windows. This will result in an intimate space in which students will be able to study in peace and quietness.

  1. Research on how to re-use plastic bottles and soft plastic has resulted in furniture design. Different pieces of furniture will eventually help to set the right atmosphere: lounge, study hall, reading zone...

  1. Building with the so-called ‘ecobrick’: a plastic bottle  lled with soft plastic. We will use ecobricks as infill material in between concrete pillars and beams.







You can check out the C-re-aid website, to find more pictures of the construction process.



As  a Belgian citizen, you can make your donations count as tax deductible. We will explain the procedure  below in Dutch.

Voor giften die u doet aandit project kunt van de belastingdienst een deel terugkrijgen. Een gift is pas een gift als u er niets voor terug krijgt.  Wanneer de gift meer dan 40 € per jaar bedraagt, ontvangt u in februari van het volgend jaar een fiscale vrijstelling.

Stort op projectrekening "Bibliotheek voor Nungwi", beheerd bij de Koning Boudewijnstichting, op rekening BE10 0000 0000 0404, BIC BPOTBEB1 van de Koning Boudewijnstichting met als  gestructureerde mededeling: 128/2968/00022.

De Koning Boudewijnstichting verleent haar medewerking aan het project. De giften vanaf 40 € per jaar aan de Stichting geven aanleiding tot een belastingvermindering van 45% op het werkelijk gestorte bedrag (art. 145/33 WIB).



If you are an international donor, we suggest you to support us through our crownfunding campaign.

One of our ways to fundraise money for the library is through an international crownfunding page. We work hard to collect part of the total amount needed through this way!

Feel free to share our crowdfunding page with friends and family to get our project out there! Remember, every small amount is contributing to a bigger cause! Don't be shy!

FInd the crowdfunding page HERE.



Do you have a background in construction, architecture or engineering and are you looking for a new experience? We offer short term positions where volunteers fundraise for the library, before joining our team in Zanzibar to help on construction site.

Terms for the positions

Short Term (Zanzibar office)

(up to 3 month)

Positions available immediately


  • You will be working on the construction of the Nungwi school and community library.
  • Payment of € 320/ month to C-re-aid which includes full time guidance, training and accommodation
  • Minimum amount of € 1000 to be fundraised to cover project costs (this budget goes entirely towards the funding of the library)

C-re-aid and the pupils of Nungwi school appreciate your support!