C-re-aid is offering 3-month placements for research students who would like to carry out their studies for their dissertation/thesis or other academic papers in Tanzania. Our headquarters are based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro region and our second office is located in Zanzibar. At both locations we offer these placements.

Placements are currently available from September 2019, you can join any time for up to a period of 3 months. If you are looking for placements further into the future please let us know.

Some research questions C-re-aid are currently interested in are as follows:


  • C-re-aid is active in three regions, each with unique environmental conditions. What is the ideal foundation for these areas/sub-surfaces? With a focus on locally sourced materials, and cement reduction, how can C-re-aid improve the integrity of our foundations?
  • History/culture: To increase general understanding regarding our partner villages, C-re-aid would like to produce an in-depth analysis of the history, cultural practices, building experience and future trajectories of these communities. 
  • Corrugated roof sheets are now widely viable throughout Tanzania. Although the many disadvantages of this material are known, there is yet to be a competitive alternative. C-re-aid invites a motivated individual/team to embark on this challenge.
  • Many people in rural areas do not have the resources to have good sanitation, electricity, clean water and other infrastructure. A possibility could be to combine resources with several community members (neighbours) and develop shared infrastructures. Research and design the possibilities of such community infrastructures. 

For our entire list, please email us on Please note this list is not exhaustive and we welcome your own proposals for research topics.

The placement costs 320€/month which includes accommodation, guidance from the C-re-aid team and connection to our networks of local NGOs, Governments, and local community leaders. Translation services are not included in this price but can be arranged by C-re-aid on request.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of the above by emailing!