Zanzibar office


ZANZIBAR    -   Reuse ,Reduce, Recycle.

In 2016, C-re-aid   decided to expand   its organisational scope by establishing a second office in the island of Zanzibar. Here we are  focusing on   developing new building techniques and materials using only discarded waste including plastic bottles, milk cartoons,  and glass.


96.000 Tons of waste is dumped uncontrolled every year in the island of Zanzibar.The disposal of plastic waste is an environmental concern as the worlds consumption of plastic polymers in consumer goods and packaging has increased dramatically in the last decade. Throughout its entire life-cycle, plastic material affects the environment.Most of the plastics we dispose are not biodegradable and could stay in nature for years, and it also produces unhealthy smoke when burned.

Plastic recycling is one of the solutions to minimize these negative effects on nature as well as minimizing energy usage and the need for non-renewable resources. The recycling of plastics involves sorting, pretreatment, extrusion, pelleting and manufacture processes.

Plastic recycling processes provides a living for millions of people in developing countries, either through informal activities or formal employment.


PLASTIC WASTE REDUCTION One of the most significant project goals is to increase awareness of plastic pollution amongst the local community together with introducing a life cycle opportunity for plastic material, bringing into service discarded plastic scraps.

JOB GENERATOR The social aspect of this project concerns the adaption and integration of the product, to fit local methods of production; thus establishing employment opportunities within the local community. These positions will be specifically targeted at those experiencing conditions of severe financial insecurity.

CULTIVATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP We aim to inspire and cultivate professional entrepreneurship among local community, besides the knowledge of product making; Participants will be given all the information needed to start up their own business. We believe in the will and initiative of people to create successful enterprises.