"Throughout my academic career (Architecture and Cultures & development studies) I had always been intrigued by vernacular architecture, and how this collides with modern-day developments. It wasn’t until I arrived in Tanzania in 2010 that this particular interest turned into reality. Voluntary work and my position as co-founder of PLOT.form inspired me to further explore the possibilities of architecture in Tanzania. Eventually, this continuous (re)search led to the establishment of C-re-aid in 2012. Since then, C-re-aid has been working actively as an NGO in Belgium and Tanzania. The NGO focusses on promoting an affordable, ecological and resilient building culture in urban and rural areas in the South. 

Freya Candel

Founder of C-re-aid


C-re-aid, established in 2012, is an architectural NGO dedicated to exploring the possibilities of responsible building practices and materials; to promote long-term socio-economic and environmental improvement across Tanzania.


"Through our research and projects, C-re-aid hopes to ensure that individuals have access to sustainable, ecological and affordable building methods and materials. We strongly believe that architecture has the potential to reach far beyond purely aesthetic enhancements. C-re-aid sees responsible construction practices as a means of laying the literal foundations for long-term socio-economic benefits." By constantly working hard on our strategy and adapting it, we move ever closer towards our vision.

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"C-re-aid tasks itself with exploring the possibilities of responsible architecture. We hope to make sustainable and ecological building methods and materials accessible to all; in turn, triggering socio-economic improvements within communities experiencing hardship". Our mission is implemented through diverse projects in the Kilimanjaro region and Zanzibar.

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We achieve the objectives of this mission through close collaboration with village leaders, our partner communities and NGOs; as well as our international network of beneficiaries and universities.

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Our multinational team is fully committed to the consistent development of the organization; in order to achieve our vision. Our team is reinforced by 3-month research students and interns who contribute their efforts and time to the organization whilst they are here. The students and volunteers also support the projects they work on financially by fundraising before they arrive. 

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S U S T A I N A B L E     _D E V E L O P M E N T   _G O A L S

C-re-aid’s work promoting the integration of sustainable, ecological and affording construction methods and materials within rural Tanzanian communities, simultaneously contributes towards the fulfilment of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals