Thank you all for the many and very generous donations for Joseph!

As Joseph was so dedicated to the housing project in Shimbwe, he worked up until late September to finish the project, even though his course in Belgium started at the end of September. This gave him little time to organise the many things that come with travelling and studying abroad, including finding accommodation and processing his visa. Therefore, together with Uhasselt University, Joseph, and C-re-aid members; we made the decision it will be better for Joseph to join the course next year! This way Joseph can prepare himself much better to step into a new culture and give him more time to collect all funds necessary, also for accommodation and living expenses.

C-re-aid is continuing with fundraising for Joseph, your continued support is very much appreciated!

Developing a Career in Sustainable Building

Joseph Bategereza is a young Tanzania architect that has been tackling sustainable building challenges for over a year with C-re-aid. Joseph has been involved in various projects throughout his time at the organisation and has contributed to allowing these projects to be examples of sustainable architectural solutions in Tanzania. Joseph has become an invaluable member of the C-re-aid team, constantly pushing the envelope of sustainable building practices in Africa.

Joseph is currently working on the initiative established by C-re-aid ‘’groundwork projects’’ which is intended to support students in the construction of a housing project in Shimbwe, Tanzania. The intent is to teach students how to work with hybrid natural building techniques of local stones, recycled glass bottles and compressed earth bricks (CBEs).

Joseph has be awarded a scholarship to attend building beyond borders. The scholarship has offered Joseph a grant of €2250 to attend in the program and C-RE-AID is helping him to fundraise the remaining €2750 for him to attend the program.

Building Beyond Borders

The postgraduate certificate ‘Building Beyond Borders’ is a project-based experiential programme committed to education and research on sustainable architectural processes and solutions worldwide. The aspirations of the programme are to strengthen the capacity of students and professionals in the building industry, and to support/push innovation in sustainable building in its broadest scope (Planet, People, Prosperity, Politics) for the ‘here-and-now’ and for the ‘later-and-elsewhere’.

The Design/Build project selected for 2018-2019 is ‘Centre des Femmes’ in Ouled-Merzoug, a small rural village situated in an oasis of one of many deserted landscapes of Morocco. Here, the inhabitants of the village, led by the principal of the local school, have initiated the idea of setting up a women’s house. This house is committed to strengthening community development through education and empowerment of women by providing services, support and training opportunities.

How can you help?

We hope to fundraise the money required for Joseph to attend this program and further his knowledge on sustainable building approaches. By making a small donation towards the crowdfunding page you will be allowing this to be a possibility for Joseph.

Thank you for listening