In a world where architects constantly want to be “more creative”, “more innovative” and “more superstar”, C-re-aid wants to bring it back to reality to serve those in need. We do this by creating a very simple design that is complex through the use of ecologically responsible materials, whilst also reducing/ limiting costs.

C-re-aid continues with the realisation of community projects (infrastructure for healthcare, education and sanitation), building with our ecological materials that we are constantly developing. These projects will act as a promoting tool for our building techniques, and display the possibilities of C-re-aid architecture to the community members.

The building industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. With transport of all the materials to construction sites amplifying the problem. C-re-aid is developing building techniques from locally sourced materials. We believe in commercialising, popularising and modernising these ecological building techniques in order to achieve a sustainable building culture. Additionally, our materials are affordable which enables us to target people from different financial backgrounds.

Affordable housing is forever needed all over the world, and everybody deserves a home that is safe, hygienic, sustainable and well adapted to their environment and cultural circumstances. To reach the goals of sustainable, affordable and ecological buildings, we need to start at the core of a building, the materials. We are researching locally available raw materials and turning them into sustainable building materials. This work is achieved in cooperation with students, universities and interns.