GW 18.04

GW 18.04

Turning trash into treasure



Shaaban (45) is a local craftsman from Zanzibar who cares a lot about his community and its environment. A few years ago, he decided to open his own small scale business; a waste management center to recycle plastic waste in Nungwi village. Shaaban invested all that he had in his new idea, hoping that it would soon bring benefits. Unfortunately due to his poor living conditions, and lack of management knowledge, nothing went as planned.

After few months Shaaban remained with nothing but his plastic shredding machine. He has to live inside his half-built workshop to protect his machine from being stolen.

He is the head of a family of four. His wife and children are currently living with the neighbors as there is no place for them in the workspace.

Shaaban shares the roof with his two brothers, who occasionally help him to collect some plastic waste. They all live from what they are able to recycle from hotels; from soap, to food, to bed sheets.

A few months ago C-re-aid helped Shaaban build a front wall for his roof. The project was completed using plastic bottles filled with discarded soft plastics, that he had collected from his village.

We would like to go one step further, and build an extension for Shaaban where he could run his small building, and provide housing for his family.


Currently local materials and new possible building techniques are being researched by the C-re-aid team in assistance with the local village governance. Further this year we will comfirm the building materials for this project.




Nungwi, Zanzibar Island


building with waste materials


8-12 weeks


June - September 2018


Green house recycling center




2 international and 1 local student will be selected for the project