GW 18.03

GW 18.03

Rebuild lives.



The reality of this family is devastating. C-re-aid has rarely encountered a situation whereby a family of nine own nothing but three chickens between them.

For Deveto (45), her six children, and two grandchildren, the help of the village leaders came just in time.

After the death of her husband, Deveto was removed from their property, and forced to return to her home village of Shimbwe. She and her family arrived with no belongings. Due to the dire nature of this situation, the village leaders decided to gift this desperate family a plot of land. They did this in the hope that it would act as the first step towards re-building their lives.

Deveto is responsible for supporting the entire family, as her two eldest daughters recently became unexpected mothers themselves. She has started the hard work of levelling the plot herself, in order to prepare for construction.

C-re-aid will conduct two projects with this family. We will be constructing a house, able to host nine people. The NGO would also like to establish a small enterprise, to ensure economic security for the family in the future. Deveto has requested the facilities to start a tailoring business. This will also provide work for her two eldest daughters.

C-re-aid is currently in the process of conducting in depth research into the local building materials available in Shimbwe. Once this information has been collected, we can begin the testing process. This will allow us develop the most suitable construction techniques for the project. Therefore, materials and methods will be finalised within the upcoming months.



Shimbwe Juu


local building techniques


8-12 weeks


July - September 2018


Minjeni Womensgroup


3000 + 2000


2 international and 1 local student will be selected for the project