GW 18.02

GW 18.02

Providing basic needs for strong women to florish.



Anna (27) is very young yet already is comfronted with so many difficulties in life. Her husband has left Shimbwe looking "for better life" leaving Anna behind with their four children and his monther to take care of. The piece of land belongs to the mother of her husband with whom she has a very good relationship. The house that remains them is not more than a badly maintained mud hut with 1 bed for all the inhabitants. Since Anna works on the field everyday to earn some money to feed the whole family there is no time or resources left to invest in their infrastructure. Luckily she can count on her monther in law to watch over the children while she is looking for a way to support them. The plot is located on a high leveled piece of land overviewing Moshi and Kilimanjaro region. This family is in urgent need for a small house and a new toilet as these are their main prioritites.

Currently local materials and new possible building techniques are being researched by the C-re-aid team in assistance with the local village governance. Further this year we will comfirm the building materials for this proejct.


Shimbwe Juu


local building techniques


8-12 weeks


July - September 2018


Minjeni Womensgroup




2 international and 1 local student will be selected for the project