New house in Shimbwe

GW 18.02

Providing basic needs for strong women to flourish.



Anna faces difficulties beyond her twenty-seven years. Her husband left the village of Shimbwe to search of ‘a better life’. He abandoned his family, leaving Anna to care for their four children and her mother-in-law.

Together, they live in a mud hut, sharing a single bed. Anna must work in the fields in order to earn enough money to support her household. As such, there is little left over for renovating their deteriorating home.

C-re-aid, in collaboration with our partner NGOs and the village leaders, have decided to provide this struggling and deserving family with an ecological and affordable house.

C-re-aid is currently in the process of conducting in depth research into the local building materials available in Shimbwe. Once this information has been collected, we can begin the testing process. This will allow us develop the most suitable construction techniques for the project. Therefore, materials and methods will be finalised within the upcoming months.



Shimbwe Juu


local building techniques


8-12 weeks


July - September 2018


Minjeni Womensgroup




2 international and 1 local student will be selected for the project