GW 18.01

GW 18.01

Her own house for her own future.



Fidelia (43) is a single monther after her husband died almost 20 years ago. She has four children of which the two youngest live with her in Shimbwe. Her house has not been livable for many years now and she stays in the house from her neighbours, for which in exchange she has to work on their land and maintain their place. She is not always treated well by the neighbour family and they keep on urging her to find her own place. Every day she tries to get casual labor like cutting grass for cattle or find firewood to sell. This way she can buy the necessary to feed her and her two children. Her situation is from her point of view hopeless but this year the village leaders have selected her for a C-re-aid project so she could start building her own life again when she has her own house to live in. Her priorities are two bedrooms and a living room. She is comfident once she has a house she can herself find the time to build a toilet, kitchen and even chicken coop from the recycled materials of her old house. There is one large tree on her plot of land that can be cut and used as timber for the new house.

Currently local materials and new possible building techniques are being researched by the C-re-aid team in assistance with the local village governance. Further this year we will comfirm the building materials for this proejct.


Shimbwe Juu, Ngaruma


local building techniques


8-12 weeks


July - September 2018


Minjeni Womensgroup




2 international and 1 local student will be selected for the project