GW 18.01

GW 18.01

Her own house for her own future.



Fidelia (43) has been a single mother since the death of her husband almost twenty years ago. She has four children. Her two youngest live with her in the village of Shimbwe. Fidelia’s house has been uninhabitable for many years now, so she must stay with her neighbours. In exchange, she must clean and work on their land.

In order to support her family, Fidelia must search for casual labour every day. She usually cuts grass for cattle, or finds firewood to sell. Fidelia believes her situation is hopeless. This year, the village leaders in Shimbwe have selected this family for a C-re-aid project. We hope that by providing Fidelia with a sustainable, ecological and affordable home, she will finally have the freedom to start re-building her life.

We are searching for a motivated student to join C-re-aid for a three month period over the summer of 2018, in order to oversee the design and construction of Fidelia's new home.

C-re-aid is currently in the process of conducting in depth research into the local building materials available in Shimbwe. Once this information has been collected, we can begin the testing process. This will allow us develop the most suitable construction techniques for the project. Therefore, materials and methods will be finalised within the upcoming months.



Shimbwe Juu, Ngaruma


local building techniques


8-12 weeks


July - September 2018


Minjeni Womensgroup




2 international and 1 local student will be selected for the project