The organisation operates through five different branches that all contribute to achieve C-re-aid's goals and become sustainable. Furthermore, it helps to finance a part of the running costs which are needed to keep the organization running.


In order to arouse the interest in social architecture amongst architects, we involve students of architecture and young architects in Groundwork projects. From 2016 onwards the organisation is looking for external sponsors to fund the Groundwork projects to enable more students, including local students, to participate in the projects.


C-re-aid Plus works in collaboration with international and local, young architects to design and built social projects like community buildings or schools with NGO’s or social enterprises. We make sure the projects are in line with our mission and vision.

Another branch is the All Round Project, where vocational high school students fundraise and conduct a project for C-re-aid.


The Backyard hostel is hosting our students and volunteers and is currently covering its own costs. By 2017 we hope it can start generating funds for the NGO.


Our 5th branch , the Workshops, is the youngest branch and at the moment it is still starting up.

It gives C-re-a.i.d the opportunity to conduct in depth research into innovative building techniques, methods and materials that could later be shared with individuals who are interested in the field of sustainable construction as well as bringing closer sustainable construction methods to the local community.