Groundwork Project

Knowledge generated through research is put into practice by producing different small-scale tests. Experience gained throughout these testing phase is eventually implemented in specific projects on the ground.

C-re-aid offers students, recent graduates or professionals of building arts and sciences the chance to come to Tanzania and work on a unique building project during a certain time frame. These Groundwork Projects take place between July and September. Working in pairs volunteers choose a project and work together for a 8-12 week period during which they research, design, manage a budget and construct the project.


The volunteers conduct a participatory design with the family, budget calculations and construction. To participate in this intensive experience they fundraise for the costs of the project. By fundraising in their social circle, more people get to know the organisation and its goals. The costs of the Groundwork can range between 800 and 2500 Euro. This cost includes building materials, labour and all logistics necessary to complete the project.