C-re-aid +

It is our goal to introduce architecture into everyday life for all people. We are convinced that a clean, sustainable and an eco-friendly building does not have to be expensive. C-re-aid Plus offers us the possibility to take on projects with a social impact and present our expertise to a wider audience. Both external organisations and individuals can call upon our help where needed.

Through research and creative design and by using local materials and innovative building techniques, ecological and affordable houses are built in Tanzania. We envision a place where architecture is available for everybody in order to create a sustainable building culture.

A customized design and/ or project construction is delivered to you within an agreed period of time and budget. All incoming funds stay within the NGO for its operational costs and investment budget for further development projects.


We are always interested in new projects!

Please contact us on freya@c-re-aid.org to propose a new project or gain some more information.