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C-re-aid NGO believes in architecture for all and is an organization that focuses on social architecture and inspiring with architecture. The organization uses its time and resources to research local issues - contextual, social and material; in buildings and architecture. We aim for a cultural, social and ecological design, while ensuring to provide an affordable building. We believe that architecture is more than creating a physical space and should motivate and inspire its users and the community in which it is located.


C-re-aid has several years of experience in building in Tanzania for different populations in different regions, and is considering expanding in East Africa. Because of our experience, we can offer consultancy to other NGO or social enterprises who are considering realizing a building project. C-re-aid NGO will compliance with various standards:


● As we aim to inspire communities, we present projects that contain ecological solutions, local materials, new building techniques and affordable solutions.

● C-re-aid will work with you not as a client, but as a partner NGO that also needs to use its resources moderated and efficient.

● With our background in cultural studies, social researches and experience in Tanzania, we can identify the needs of the future users of the building, which will benefit the uses of the spaces.

● Results and knowledge obtained from research and design in a C-re-aid NGO project will contribute to the goals of the NGO and will benefit future projects and therefore communities.


C-re-aid prepares for you a project case.

Except from delivering a finished project, C-re-aid can also offer guidance through a whole project process - from start to delivery; consultancy for social projects - preferably with other NGO's; and a design proposal. Those services include:

● A personalized Project case, which is a justification for a proposed building project, based on the expected goals and outcomes of the partner NGO. The project case will describe very clearly what is needed and why it is needed for your organization to realize an architectural project. This is a complete document that will point out your exact needs in terms of program, materials, budgeting and social matters. This document will be very useful to communicate to donors or to other partners that would participate in your building project.

Within the project case you will find:

● Through questionnaires and participatory design with the target group or the partner, C-re-aid will establish the program and infrastructure needed for the project. It is used to decide what the requirements of the potential building project are, to achieve a project designed for its target group and that meets the goals of the partner.

● Clear and understandable design requirements - socially as technically; and building needs of the project, for you to make a grounded decision on the proceedings of the investment and project.

● A sketch design of the proposal. This will include the references collected; the building concept drafted including a cultural sensitive, practical organizing and ecological design; a master plan; material used and sketches of the building design.

● Contact with local partners, that would follow up with the project on site; or, if willing to continue with C-re-aid, a rough budget of the building design (for which site visits by a C-re-aid team member would be required).


Our services are charged per hour depending on the kind of project and executed by an experienced team to work on the required services. Travel costs to the site are additionally covered by the partner organization.


All incoming funds stay within the NGO for its operational costs and investment budget for further development projects.


We are always interested in new projects!

Please contact us on freya@c-re-aid.org to propose a new project or gain some more information.