SAMANTHA WELBY  - born in Bujumbura, Burundi. After living in several African countries, she moved to Brussels where she decided to pursue her studies in architecture. She finished her master degree in architecture in 2015, in LOCI Brussels, the faculty of architecture, architectural engineering and urban planning of UCL. While studying, she has been interested to social and community issues involving architecture. That's how for her master thesis, she chose to write a research paper on sanitary, and how those could be a way to improve the living conditions in spontaneous settlements.

Since she began her studies, she has also been interested to the work of internationals NGO, and always wanted to work with communities to promote self-sufficiency and support social and economic growth. She strongly believes in the vision of change through construction by giving opportunities and access to housing and basic facilities to all; including all the challenges of building efficiently, sustainably and economically in an environment where good design can make all the difference.In her last years of studies, after her first professional international experience with EAACON LTD in Kigali, Rwanda; she made the decision that she would work in development countries, specially to settle back in the Great Lakes region. Considering all her architectural and personal visions, C-re-aid couldn't only be a better fit as a first experience, a big opportunity to learn more in the architectural field.