KATIE O’SULLIVAN is a Physical Geography BSc graduate from the University of Southampton in the U.K.. She developed a passion for social enterprise and development when joining a worldwide University society called Enactus. During her two years with Enactus, whilst studying for her degree, she learnt about sustainable enterprise and the ability to do social good whilst functioning as a profitable enterprise.

Following her graduation she attended a World Merit programme in New York to develop her understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and the current strategies in place working towards them. In order for herself and 14 other students from Southampton to attend this programme, Katie spearheaded a crowdfunding campaign which raised £12,000 within 3 weeks, enabling all 14 students to attend the programme. At the end of this programme she, along with her team, presented a business plan for an online platform tackling taboos on menstruation in the UN General Assembly room in New York to social-impact investors and UN representatives and envoys.

On her return to the U.K. Katie joined BluPoint, a social-interest company, as a Project Manager. Here she gained experience working in a for-profit environment with the bonus that the work done had social value by delivering free internet services to those who cannot afford or do not currently have means to access it. One of her proudest moments during at BluPoint was obtaining and leading a project surrounding issues of internet infrastructure in Dharavi slum, Mumbai. Here she delivered a means for students of all ages to access digital educational materials at any time with no need for internet or electricity at zero cost to them and the NGO at which they attended.

Katie has since moved to Tanzania to work with C-re-aid as their organisational manager. Here she hopes to assist C-re-aid with their 2020 vision and commercial aspirations whilst fulfilling logistical and organisational tasks, drawing on her previous project management and commercial experience. During her time in Tanzania Katie also wishes to broaden her horizons on the context of development and hopefully learn Swahili."