CHARLOTTE COUPILLIE  - Born in Veurne, Belgium in 1993. She grew up in the small village Pervijze and moved to Ghent in 2011 for her studies in Engineering: Architecture at the University of Ghent. In 2015 she participated in the Erasmus program and spent six months in Eastern Germany, Dresden. After finishing her studies in 2016 she started working at the University of Ghent as a PhD student. There she worked on projects in line with her master thesis and commenced preparatory work for her PhD on the durability of bio-based building materials. She however soon started missing architectural design and building practice which made her to decide to make a change. She decided on seizing the opportunity which now presented itself to deploy her competences for development via architecture, which she strongly believes in. C-re-aid here offers the perfect opportunity by combining architectural design and practical field work with research on building techniques and materials.