ANA ALONSO Born in January 1989 in Puebla, México. Ana studied architecture in the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla. Closely connected to the social conflicts in México, she worked side by side with the university; conducting research for responsible and low environmental impact solutions.

After these projects, Ana got involved in bio-construction architecture. Through her professional collaborations with Eco-Constructores Oaxaca and Granja Tequio in México, as well as CanyaViva in Barcelona; she expanded her knowledge on permaculture, natural materials, cane and bamboo structures.

Besides her love for architecture, Ana has a passion for handicrafts, art, sports and nature. Most important is her drive to learn new things. This is what has motivated Ana to join C-re-aid; discovering a world where she will be able to share her knowledge. Ana looks forward to learning a lot from Tanzania, and its building culture as well.