JENS - born in July 1990 and raised in Bruges. He spent a couple of years at university in Ghent before moving to Barcelona, where he lived for the past six years. After working in IT for some time he started working as an English teacher at various language academies, working with both teenagers and adults. There, Jens resumed his linguistics degree in English studies, which he hopes to complete in a few years' time. Apart from his love for music, mainly folk and rhythm and blues, and sports, mainly football, Jens has a passion for travel and most importantly a lust for life. Still very much looking for a purpose in life, I was brought in touch with C-re-aid and more specifically the Backyard Hostel. Always up for a chat about nearly anything from absurd animal facts to serious political issues and looking to learn as much as possible, he hopes to bring his own signature to the project and do the very best to make it a second home for all involved.