Kilimanjaro office


KILIMANJARO    -   It's all about soil

C-re-aid advocates for “housing as a basic need" and acknowledges that everybody needs a hygienic, sustainable and safe home. C-re-aid wants to target the people that have limited or no means to construct a house, and therefore live in deplorable shelters, which has an impact on their health, social situations and poverty. To provide for our target group, our building materials need to be affordable and locally available (reducing/eliminating transport costs). The raw material of soil is available everywhere and we have been exploring the possibilities of soil as a building material.

In the past years, C-re-aid’s Kilimanjaro office has been focussing on developing alternative building techniques with soil. We have researched, tested and conducted projects with:

  • plastic bottles filled with soil
  • earthbags
  • rammed earth
  • improved mud hut technique
  • improved burned bricks
  • lime plaster
  • rough stones
  • compressed earth bricks
  • adobe bricks

In our Kilimanjaro office we focus on materials research, standard housing and community projects.