C-re-aid +

C-re-aid + is part of the architectural NGO that is focusing on ecological, sustainable and smart

building designs. C-re-aid + will continue with the realisation of social projects (healthcare,

education, community projects), constructed with the materials that we develop.

Those projects will act as a marketing tool to promote and present the possibilities of the alternative

building materials and techniques to the community members.


C-re-aid + will mainly focus on working with CEB's (compressed earth blocks). . The blocks are

made using a manually driven machine and are composed of soil and limestone.



SUSTAINABLE & SMART DESIGN: To make the CEB blocks, C-re-aid is using a portable machine, made in Tanzania, that is using no electricity or fuel. One person with one machine can make about 300 blocks per day. The mixture is composed out of 90% of soil excavated on site and 10% of limestone. This mixture can change depending on the environment and the soil composition. C-re-aid believes that our additional strength is to combine the ecological building material with smart, architectural design, in order to achieve the most affordable, sustainable and ecological building. We will organise a participatory design where we will research your needs and translate them into a design appropriate for the context, program and desires of the client



How do we work?

We work as an architectural office, where we will meet our clients, start research and design. In close participation with the client we come to an ideal design for the needs of the program. As we want to promote the use of ecological building materials (CEB's) , we will deduct the price of the materials for the building from the design fee, when the materials are purchased with C-re-aid.